What Choosing to Being of a Member of 100 Men Who Care – Kamloops Means

- Nominate local charities/non-profits of your choice (must be able to provide tax receipts and be established for at least a year – no start ups).

- At each meeting 3 of the organizations in the pool are drawn at random and invited to give a 10 minute presentation at the next meeting on a project they propose for funding.

- You commit to one year at a time of three or four meetings – if you aren’t able to make the meeting it is expected that you will send a cheque with myself (Norm Reed), or a friend, or submit it after the meeting by mailing it to me or the successful group whose project was chosen for funding by simple majority of the members at the meeting.  You need to be at the meeting to vote.

- Come with a blank $100.00 cheque to each meeting (total of $400.00 over the year).

- Members vote by secret ballot on which of the three presenting organizations they think most deserves the financial support.

- The presenting organization with the most votes gets all the cheques. If there is a tie vote the group discusses the result briefly and re-vote is taken in an effort to break the tie.

- You make your cheque out directly to the successful organization and they are responsible to issue you a CRA eligible tax receipt.

- Recipients are eligible to re-enter after 2 years, the groups that are not successful on the night have their names go immediately back into the pool.


This format allows us to provide the venue and the opportunity for local organizations to get $10,000 at a meeting once we are at 100 Men. There is no middle-man or red tape, money goes directly to the organization.

At the next meeting the recipient organization returns to give an update on how they are using the money.

Meetings happen three or four times per year.  The group begins to gather at 6:30 pm for networking and general meet and greet.  The presenting organizations begin their respective 10 minute presentations at 7 pm and voting occurs immediately after the third group is complete.  Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday December 3rd, 2018 at the Thompson Rivers University Science Building, Room S-203.


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